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The Importance of Repairing Locs

Over the years of working in the world of locs, one of the statements that has proven true is, “locs are low maintenance not no maintenance.” Not only is it important to keep up with timely retightening/retwisting services, but it is also equally important to repair issues as they arise so the integrity of your locs remain intact.

Having locs does not make your hair immune from breaking, thinning, excessive shedding etc. In fact, your hair can pretty much experience the same issues that someone who has a relaxer or loose natural hair have. Especially, when we subject it to harsh colors, tight hairstyles, and/or constant over-manipulation.

The reasons for the locking process to go array during one’s journey varies and sometimes the "why" is hard to pinpoint. It can range from someone over-shampooing (especially prior to the hair being fully locked); to the Consultant/Loctician’s tension being too tight, or not tight enough. And let us not forget about post-partum hair shedding that often times do a number on the hairline, as the body re-adjusts to pre-pregnancy normalcy. Autoimmune disorders, medications, smoking, and thyroid issues all play a big role in how hair performs. Keep in mind STRESS can also have a negative impact.

Some of the most frequent issues seen in locs are holes, slippage, unraveling, bunching, and thinning.

· Locs with holes/slippage can weaken in the area and break over time if left unrepaired.

· Locs that unravel will not lock up healthily and can bunch as it is going through the locking process.

· Locs that are thin in an area will eventually break, especially as the loc grows longer.

Make sure your Consultant is well versed in recognizing the issues and has the knowledge on how to repair them.

As a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, I take the time to feel and look at every loc I touch as I go through the regular maintenance sessions. However, my method may not be another consultant’s method, they may choose to have client’s come in for a separate grooming session. As for me, I find grooming sessions to be tedious and a never-ending kill joy, so I repair as I go.

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