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My BIG Chop

The Chop

In 2012 I decided to stop wearing weaves, wigs, and/or braided extensions. I wanted my hair. So, I made the decision to lock my hair up and after much research, Sisterlocks chose me. My Sisterlocks experience was out of this world. My hair grew longer and thicker than I thought possible. Well, after 8 years of loving my Sisterlocks, I decided to do the big chop for a couple of reasons: I had some thinning and wanted to see my scalp; my greys came in at an alarming rate and I no longer wanted to be a slave to coloring my hair. I simply wanted to love the skin I am in. In July I decided to go for it and do the chop. I literally jumped in feet first without thoughts of my final look or whether I was going to like it. Well, I LOVED it at first sight – grey hairs and all. I feel free!

Comments I have received so far

“Yass you are wearing that cut” “At your age you cut off all your hair?”

“It’s a good thing you do hair and don’t work in corporate America”

“I think you are going through a mid-life crisis” “You are fierce and gorgeous”

“I love it – you have the face for it”

“You need to buy a certain brand to cover your grays, that’s what you need to do”

“Girl, you’re brave” “Wow mom you look gorgeous”

“You look grown and sexy " I am older but you have more greys"

Why I Chose not to Disclose my Decision

I had mentioned to a couple of close friends, family, and clients I was thinking of cutting my hair. However, I did not say when because I did not know when. I have tunnel vision and not fully disclosing ahead of time allowed me to stay focus on my intentions without having to listen to a lot of hullabaloo.

Grey Hair Blues

I meet and talk to a lot of people daily. One of the things I had learnt over the years was to not go down without a fight when it came to accepting grey hairs, as it is a sign of aging. So, once my greys started coming in, I waged a war and colored the heck out of my hair religiously. Over time the desire to color my hair started to wane. The actual process of having to color became tedious (whether I was doing it or someone else), so the time in between coloring would be lengthy. I wrestled internally with myself because I felt hypocritical, fake, and artificial in presenting a false image that was not organic.

Final Thoughts

Aging is a part of our natural life cycle. However, I do not necessarily look at my grey hair and lament on aging. Rather, I view it as a reflection of my life’s journey and have decided to wear my greys as a badge of honor. After all, my first greys came in my early twenties. I am at a point in my life where I have accepted that I am imperfectly perfect and loving myself unconditionally is a MUST. I no longer subscribe to what society dictates my look should be. My big chop and grey hair acceptance have not only initiated a shock wave, it has opened a line of conversation amongst my peers. With the ongoing dialogue, one of the things I am learning is just how powerful HAIR is!

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1 Comment

Aug 22, 2020

You look amazing!

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